The Southwater Junior Academy



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Attendance Expectations

We define regular attendance as being at school for 97% of the time because we believe that regular and consistent school attendance is of great importance for your child’s continuing achievement and friendships in school.   Children who have high attendance rates are more likely to enjoy school, have secure friendships and go on to achieve well.  

How do we inform you of your child's attendance?

In order to make our attendance systems clear, we have produced a concise table of attendance information for reference.  This helps to explain what our systems are at each stage of the process.  At each point on the attendance ladder where attendance is a concern, we offer support strategies to help improve attendance percentages and we also monitor each case closely to look for improvements over subsequent weeks and months.  

What can the school do to support your child with attendance?

Support strategies can include meeting a buddy once in school, building a positive celebration book and one to one time with a learning mentor to reduce any potential barriers that may exist.  There are many other strategies that can be used and personalised for each individual.  If you would like further information, please contact your child’s class teacher or book an appointment at the office.