The Southwater Junior Academy



Our curriculum subject areas of the website are currently being revised and updated. However, please see below for a flavour of what we do.


Here at Southwater Junior Academy we develop children to become geographers with a critical and enquiring mind.  Children build up their geographical knowledge about patterns, processes and interrelationships between people and the environment. Children in all year groups spend time exploring maps at various scales and identifying where continents, countries, cities, towns and villages are.  Fieldwork is an integral part of the curriculum here at Southwater and children enjoy the opportunity to leave the school grounds and explore the world around them.  The children are also given opportunities to use specialised software to explore the area they live in and beyond.  Geography at Southwater Junior Academy also provides children with opportunities to see themselves as global citizens.  They are taught that the world is becoming more and more interconnected and how the food we eat, clothes we wear and gadgets we use have a global journey that they are a part of. We believe that it is important for the children to see themselves not only as British citizens, but also as global citizens in a fast changing, interconnected world.