The Southwater Junior Academy



Our curriculum subject areas of the website are currently being revised and updated. However, please see below for a flavour of what we do.


At The Southwater Junior Academy, we firmly believe that all children can and will succeed in maths. To that end, we will support our children to:

  enjoy mathematics – experience the success of solving a problem,   finding a pattern, spotting a relationship
  develop factual, procedural and conceptual fluency, i.e. be able to   say ‘I know that…’, ‘I know how…’ and ‘I know why…’.
•  know, understand and be able to use a wide range of problem   solving strategies that involve combining different areas of maths
•  have a ‘feel’ for numbers - understand the importance of intelligent   guessing and how integral this is to the problem solving process 
•  develop persistence and resilience when they are stuck

As an academy, teachers regularly use formative assessment strategies to ensure that children grasp concepts and make links between the areas of maths that they are studying. In order that all children are facilitated to reach the age related expectation set out in the curriculum, teachers ensure that any necessary interventions are swiftly put in place to keep children on track. Our most able mathematicians are challenged to broaden and deepen their understanding through an enriched and challenging curriculum.  Children are also encouraged to use a variety of resources and visual representations to support their understanding across all maths lessons. In Year 6, with the availability of an extra teacher, we have been able to create five maths classes that predominantly cater for children's differing level of confidence in the subject. The groups are reviewed regularly to ensure that all children are best placed to achieve well and to enjoy the subject.  W
e want children to develop the skills necessary to express relationships in numerical, graphical, symbolic, verbal and pictorial forms. But most of all, we want our children to be able to solve, and indeed pose, increasingly complex problems. Maths is not always about the precision of a direct route to a correct answer. Satisfaction - and for some, joy - is very much linked to the unfolding journey towards something that is not known.