The Southwater Junior Academy


Transition - Year 2 to Year 3 

Southwater Infant and Junior Academies work extremely closely together to ensure the smooth transition of Year 2 pupils into Year 3.

  • During the Summer Term our SJA Year 3 teachers visit Year 2 lessons and liaise with the Year 2 teachers in and out of the classroom. Year 2 children visit SJA on a number of occasions.

  • We plan a joint project which starts in the Summer Term of Year 2 and continues in the Autumn Term in Year 3. Year 2 pupils also join SJA during lunchtime playtimes on the field.

  • We hold a meeting for parents where there is a chance to meet the SJA Year 3 team and we talk through routines, curriculum and communication and teaching apps that we use.


    A year group Google Classroom is created and all new Year 2 children are able to enrol before they start in September. 

    Watch the Year 2 Transition video for a flavour of life at SJA.



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