The Southwater Junior Academy



Personal, Social and Health Education

At Southwater Junior Academy, personal, social and health education (PSHE) plays an integral component in our curriculum, and we focus on educating children holistically. The curriculum has been designed to meet the new Relationships, Sex and Health education guidance published recently by the Department for Education. These lessons play a small part in our extensive offer to pupils in preparing them for the transition to secondary school and future adult life. Across each year, children learn through the topics of ‘democracy’, ‘families & households’, ‘relationships’ and ‘health’. In Years 5 & 6, as per new guidance, health education also includes pupils exploring puberty in adolescence. Lessons provide pupils with the opportunities to explore key questions which both challenge and enhance their own ideas and opinions. As a result, discussion plays a pivotal and central role in PSHE lessons, supported by a variety of activities which encourage pupils to develop the qualities that they need to thrive as individuals and members of our wider school community.

Alongside our well-planned and well-sequenced lessons which build across their time here at SJA, the children are exposed to a plethora of extra-curricular opportunities and experiences such as our performances and residential trips. Furthermore, teachers use flexibility time in planning to meet the personal needs of their class, explore special events such as Remembrance, or invite in visitors to deepen their understanding of the world. ‘Thought for the Week’, which focuses on our core values of kindness, resilience and working hard, is also covered weekly in assemblies and short sessions. We enjoy a ‘values’ day every term. All of this allows us to develop and improve the wellbeing of pupils in our care and ensure that pupils have a sense of belonging in our community improving both their personal and academic development.