The Southwater Junior Academy


Pupil Wellbeing

The well-being of our pupils is our number one priority and we have a strong team of teaching and support staff, as well as numerous links to external support, who are available to help pupils and families with any issues they may be facing.

Please contact your child's class teacher in the first instance or their Year Leader, if you require any help or advice regarding pupil wellbeing.  Alternatively, you may wish to contact the office for advice about the best person to speak to.

You can find a range of support services here, which you may find useful. 


Wellbeing Award for Schools

We are proud to be working towards the Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS).  The award is well-regarded and is officially sponsored by the NCB (National Children’s Bureau). 

The aim of the WAS is to enable schools to:

  • Show a commitment to promoting wellbeing as part of school life
  • Promote positive social and emotional wellbeing, mental health and wellness in school.
  • Recognise signs and symptoms of emotional and mental health problems in pupils and staff.
  • Work with families and other services to prevent and reduce mental health problems and intervene when these arise.

Further information can be found here.

As a school we take bullying and its impact seriously. Pupils and parents should be assured that known incidents of bullying will be responded to in line with our policy which can be found here.


We are increasingly aware of the pressures that the internet can place on young people. We follow clear policies and procedures to keep pupils safe and we monitor children's use of our IT facilities. However, this is not so easy to manage at home, particularly if pupils have internet access in the privacy of their own bedrooms.  Advice about the use of the internet and staying safe online can be found here.