The Southwater Junior Academy



Our curriculum subject areas of the website are currently being revised and updated. However, please see below for a flavour of what we do.


Science Subject Overview

Science provides the foundation to understand the world around us. At Southwater we aim to give our pupils a balanced and broad understanding of biology, chemistry and physics (as shown on the overview).  Pupils are encouraged to understand key concepts, working methods, processes and uses of Science in order to develop their natural interest and curiosity about the world we live in. Science units are linked to the children’s main topic for each term, where possible. It builds on their learning in Key Stage 1 and aims to prepare them for their learning in Key Stage 3. We have recently updated our curriculum since the introduction of the new curriculum and have recently introduced a new way of assessing Science at Southwater. Science incorporates many other subjects and therefore helps pupils to make links in their learning and flourish as their understanding develops. 

Lower Juniors
The main focus for pupils in Years 3 and 4 is to broaden their scientific view of the world around them. This is achieved through exploring, discussing, testing and developing ideas.  By doing this, the children develop their questioning skills and start to make decisions about the best way forward to answer their questions. In each Science Unit that the children study, there are opportunities for investigation and developing their ability to create fair tests and record their findings.  Each unit provides the children with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and work scientifically. 

Upper Juniors

The main focus for pupils in Years 5 and 6 is to deepen their understanding of a wider range of scientific ideas as well as their methods for working scientifically. Children will continue to explore, discuss and ask questions but are now encouraged to be increasingly analytical and to work in a more systematic way. The topics which the children have studied in Years 3 and 4 are revisited in order to allow the children to deepen their understanding. They will encounter more abstract ideas and recognise that scientific ideas change and develop over time.  We encourage our pupils to draw conclusions based on the findings of their investigations, use evidence to justify their ideas and to ask further questions prompted by their findings.